Frontline care is incredibly important, but providing the knowledge and resources to back it up is what makes it possible – not just for us at Queercare, but for queer communities at large.

We currently write and maintain a collection of protocols and guidance around providing care, mutual aid, and associated resources. You can find this on our wiki. All of our protocols are subject to regular review, and insight and input from both professionals and those experienced in the subject.

We also work with other organisations and make Freedom of Information requests to help gather vital information for our communities and for our work.

Our online store also offers printed pocket guides on areas such as Safer Protest, and Acute Mental Health Intervention, as well as kits and resources for doing care and first aid.

For current information on Gender Clinic waiting lists and statuses in the UK and the impact of Covid on service provision, we currently recommend transhealthuk, a voluntary organisation who have been collating up to date information in this and related areas.

If you would be interested in helping us develop resources, protocols, or research, why not get involved.

Page last updated: 2020/08/06